October 22nd, 2005 and Houston is in the World Series

A fortuitous day. My first entry into this social phenomena of blogging and my baseball team’s first trip to the Series. There is no correlation, just a pleasing node. I have been waitng a long time for the latter. A shorter time for the former.

The Houston Astros are a true reflection of the team concept. A star-crossed collection of highly paid young men (and not so young men) who have overcome great challenges to win at playing a game. It is both absurd and wonderful. If you enjoy baseball the above might be meaningful. If you don’t like the game or don’t understand it, then it probably is not important.

This experiment with blogging is due with all thanks to Flock and WordPress.com. Oh, what hath they wrought when them such as I take to this wordscape. I have no illusions about anyone reading this. My thoughts are all derivative of the media that feeds my head. Maybe there is a synthesis that takes place which will produce product worthy of a slight consideration. That remains to be seen

I bid you all a hello and a hearty “Hi-yo, Silver!”

MIA: Jeff Harrell. Best of everything guy.


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