Random Thoughts (Saturday, 10-29-05)

Scooter’s indictment is not a conviction. If he did lie then he is a fool.

Netflix is a great service and if used correctly a tremendous bargin.

Bewitched is a terrible movie and a complete waste of time. When Nicole Kidman and Michael Caine inter-acted, you saw the wasted potential of the project. Will Ferrell IS NOT funny. Why producers will put money into the drek he is in goes way beyond my understanding. Why people will pay money for seeing his movies or to purchase his DVD’s is truly a sign of the approaching apocalypse.

To me it was sad to see The Houston Astros cinderella story come to its predictable conclusion. I was hoping against hope for them to win at least one. Wasn’t meant to be.

Anyone out there know what the music for the new Pontiac commercial is?


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