Random Is Good!

The site digg.com is great fun and turning into the prime example of the “smart mob’ mentality. Together with Boingboing.org, the two make a useful snapshot of the technicrati (sic) cutting edge on a daily basis.

Moving into the third century of this Republic, there are three groups that are holding the threads of our civilization together: government/military, law enforcement, and teachers. They are the framework that allows everything to function. With politicians and the elite ruling class becoming more amd more corrupt almost on a daily basis; with the entrenched political staffers and bureaucrats putting their own personal short-term interests above the nation’s; with police being overwhelmed by the shear complexity of the society they are trying to protect; with teachers being put into the position of trying to educate a populace to is rapidly becoming uneducable; when these factors are placed into the context of history, I get that thousand-click stare and thank God for my 20” iMac G5 2.0 gHz, my TiVo, and the library.

Ted Kennedy and the liberal socialists in this country can kiss my ass. There is a special place in Hell, Karl, Vlad, and Uncle Joe have got all warm for you. Julie and Rose say hi.

I’m taking a break from politics until the new year. No Rush. No Hannity. No Fox. In fact as little “news” as possible. A glance at the newspaper. A little coffee discussion. It’s gonna be the way it’s gonna be.

Heights: a miserable little film, about miserable little people. Films about urban dwellers are all the same.

The Devil’s Rejects: an absolutely reprehensible piece of trash that has all the makings of a faux cult classic (because it was purposely put together to be that way), which will expose the dark side of your pysche. And it ain’t pretty.


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