Global Warming Cha-Cha-Cha

So they say the Earth is warming up and we’re all gonna die (the latter by implication). Enviro-nazi’s seeking to control the bio-sphere to their specs and conditions. Short-term thinking, bad science, unproven theories. Alarmist Heddy Hen’s, the sky is falling; the sky is falling. Anybody putting themselves in the same wagon as Albert “The Big Liar” GoreĀ  should tell how they invented the Internet.

Let’s look at it: if it isn’t happening then what is their motivation? And if it is happening, then it’s way too late.

Should we worry? How ’bout NO! Humans have survived as a race. We will continue to survive. Humans adapt; they improvise; they overcome. (Respects to the USMC.) This will continue until the big one. You know. The asteroid with our name on it. The one that will hit in 2012.

Until then: Have a good time!


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