…. and two years later (rimshot!)

I find it amazing that I come to this blog almost two years later and it’s all here.

So two years later……. school’s out for Summer. Again.

Ike took a long month out of many lives. I almost died from an arterial nosebleed. We had to start school four times. I got a No. 2 haircut. I’ll be divorced in about 90 days. I’m tired and overweight and my butt hurts. I’ll be 60 years on my birthday. With luck I’ll have dinner with my one true lost love. And I am still just what I am.

Of immediate concern/interest. Read Connelly’s “The Scarecrow”; Lee Child’s, “Gone Tomorrow”; now reading “Into the Storm: The Destroyermen”. Ordered Casca #1: The Eternal Mercenary, $6.50, which is a steal if it happens. Watched Gently, a new Brit police detective. Also watching The Shield, Season 7; Dragnet ’67-’68-’69; Adam-12. 40 years ago and more innocent times.

I’ve come to believe the height of the American Civilization was the period between ’69 – Man On The Moon and ’84 – The Fall of Communism.



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