Paul Krugman Talks S**T

During a recent address to the Vouex faithful, Paul Krugman rolled out that old Social-Progressive-Fascist saw John Keynes and explained in great detail all the forgotten Keynesian minutia which should have stayed forgotten.

When Krugman speaks or writes, all I have to do is think 180 degrees from his dribble and I know I will be 100 percent correct. Keynes can be forgiven. He is dead and is not living through this Charlie Foxtrot of an economy. Krugman is a mouthpiece and true believer in the Social-Progressive-Fascist agenda. He can’t be forgiven. He can’t be re-educated.

First, the lawyers. Then, the politicians. And then make-believe economists. And you know who you are.


One Response to “Paul Krugman Talks S**T”

  1. milagrosmcguire333 Says:

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